How to Find TOEFL Test Dates

There are two ways to find TOEFL test dates and locations near you. But before showing you how to schedule your exam, let's review several important tips.

  1. You will need to go to one of the official TOEFL test centers on your assigned testing date, where the test can be given in a controlled environment to insure accuracy of the results. These testing centers are sometimes private testing companies, such as ProMetrics, or may be located at a university.

  2. You should plan to set aside an entire day for your TOEFL test, so that you will not be under time pressure on that day. Most test locations show starting times in the morning, so you will also need to get lots of rest the night before so you can be in top mental, physical, and emotional condition.

List of TOEFL Exam Dates

To find the TOEFL exam dates for your test, go to the TOEFL scheduling page and search for dates and locations in your area. This list shows the schedule and pricing information, and if you click on one of the dates and locations in the list and then click to "Show Test Times and Register", you can see the starting time and whether there are seats available.

To register for the exam, of course, you will have to login or create an account on the ETS (Educational Testing Service) site. One benefit of logging in or creating your ETS account is that when logged in, you can search for just the TOEFL dates and locations that have available space, saving you time.

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